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Chrysalis Yoga Autumn 2018 

Looking forward to welcoming our next circle of trainee yoga teachers onto our 'Creative Calm' 200 hour weekend Yoga Teacher Training course ' in Manchester beginning 8th September . The course is fully booked but if you would like a space on our next course then please get in touch.  

Weekly classes will resume 3rd September up to 20th December 2018.

For Yoga Teachers & Trainees: 

Shamanic Yoga CPD  Friday 28th September 10.00 - 5.00pm

Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Interoception CPD Friday 30th November 10.00-5.00pm

Both Workshops at Creative Calm Studios, Manchester - just a few spaces left so get in touch to book. 

 As well as running teacher training courses, Chelsea continues to teach yoga classes for adults and children locally including Monday evenings at Harrison Hall and Thursday mornings at Stollies Cafe, Wallasey Village

Mum & Baby Yoga courses 11.30 -12.30 is on Thursdays at Stollies Cafe. 

See Timetable page for further class details.

 "Chelsea Canovas is a Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Practitioner with over 20 years experience. She began her teacher training journey in 2001 and continues to learn and grow from her teachers, students and her children. Chelsea's practice and yoga style encourages dropping into the moment and experiencing the opportunity to change and grow with flow and graceful movement of the body and flexibility of the mind.

Using the power of the breath and mind to heal the body along with fluid movement is her way of meditation. You will be safely guided through a variation of flowing yoga postures to improve your health and well-being. And encouraged to enquire within why we experience what we do in yoga postures. Have the dialogue as to why we resist change.

Yoga is great for your flexibility, stamina, strength, balance, coordination, focus and mental clarity. Practising yoga will bring increased awareness to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who you truly are. We can respond better and be more prepared to the challanges of life when we come from a place of strength in our centre.


Chelsea is a heart-based Yogini and this shines through her classes which are fun, light-hearted,  always friendly and 'heartful.' The class is not a performance or a competition but a practice together. Chelsea holds a space for you to take time to re-connect with your self without the distractions of everyday stressful life.

Chelsea encourages students to continue their practice at home 'on and off the mat.' Think of your class as a boost of 'superfood' that supports your home practice. Weave the morals and ethics (yamas & niyamas) of yoga into your life such as kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitiude. "

"Open your heart to the wonders

of living with mind & body

full of awareness.

Step out of the rush and just be. "