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NEWS!! Venue Change, new times & classes:

From 6th June 2017 Monday Yoga Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Classes will now be at  St. Nicholas Hall (Harrison Hall), Harrison Drive, Wallasey Village 6.00pm or 7.30pm

From 15th June 2017 New Classes at the same venue will be:

Yoga Dance 5.30-6.30pm  A combination of free dance movements and yoga postures moving through the chakras. Funky music and uplifting beats – it’s like disco yoga! A mid-week rave to get yourself out of the humdrum of everyday life. Great for improving cardiovascular fitness, freedom of body movement and letting yourself go!

Yin Yoga 6.30-7.45pm Floor based long held static postures with props to stimulate & challenge the body particularly connective tissue through long held poses (traction.) Not an easy class by any means. Great for improving flexibility and realigning poor posture. Mentally challenging as long-held postures require a great deal of mindfulness.


Chelsea Canovas is a Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Practitioner with over 20 years experience. She began her teacher training journey in 2001 and continues to learn and grow from her teachers, students and her children. Chelsea's practice and yoga style encourages dropping into the moment and experiencing the opportunity to change and grow with flow and graceful movement of the body and flexibility of the mind. She is inspired by nature and the pea

Using the power of the breath and mind to heal the body along with fluid movement is her way of meditation. You will be safely guided through a variation of flowing yoga postures to improve your health and well-being. And encouraged to enquire within why we experience what we do in yoga postures. Have the dialogue as to why we resist change.

Yoga is great for your flexibility, stamina, strength, balance, coordination, focus and mental clarity. Practising yoga will bring increased awareness to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who you truly are. We can respond better and be more prepared to the challanges of life when we come from a place of strength in our centre.


Chelsea is a heart-based Bhakti Yogi and this shines through her classes which are fun, light-hearted,  always friendly and aim to recharge and lift your spirits. The class is not a performance or a competition. We practice yoga together with collective consciousness to bring a wonderfully supportive element to your practice.   Chelsea holds a space for you to take time to re-connect with your self without the distractions of everyday stressful life.

Chelsea encourages students to continue their practice at home 'on and off the mat.' Think of your class as a boost of 'superfood' that supports your home practice. Weave the morals and ethics (yamas & niyamas) of yoga into your life such as kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitiude. 

Chelsea weaves her skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Practitioner of Shamanism into her work. She is passionate about helping people to follow the path of yoga to help heal themselves. Working with authenticity and the understanding that all things are connected.

"Open your heart to the wonders

of living with mind & body

full of awareness.

Step out of the rush and just be. "